Small Business Board of Directors

Your 'small business board' is a solid support network of business owners from diverse industries who have joined forces in an intimate productive setting to dive deep into the very heart of the unique challenges that come with operating a business...YOUR business. As a group, Board Members meet monthly to share their insights, offer guidance, respectfully exchange ideas, and contribute their best practices in relation to past and present experiences. Each group of [up to 9] high performing entrepreneurs essentially operates exactly like a “personal” board of directors for your business, providing a variety of distinctive legitimate perspectives. Board members help one another make the right decisions for their company at the right time. It is no surprise that many of these decisions actually originate new business growth and often generate a healthier engaged business culture. This is a win/win in every single case!

Our small business boards strive to first create and then cultivate an environment of trust among its members. Trust can only be established upon a foundation of generosity, transparency, vulnerability, confidentiality, and accountability.


In doing so, we lay the firm groundwork that is necessary to accomplish our ultimate goal: helping each other succeed...TOGETHER.

Cantillon has given me a powerful, knowledgeable group of other CEO’s I can trust to give me real feedback on my business. My 2018 revenue is up 40+ % since last year when I joined. I am truly grateful for this group.

–Samantha Kunkel,
Armadillo Painting, LLC

Join us for Cantillon’s November 6th CEO & Business Owner Networking Event!

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Connect with other local business owners.  Join us for next Cantillon ​on November 6 at eBay HQ in Bellevue!

Dave 'DC' Carroll

Dave's passion embodies uniquely engaged relationships built to drive the dynamic success of others.

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