Dave Carroll

Co Founder of Cantillon

Business Advisor

Dave's passion for connecting dynamic business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals began over twenty-five years ago in the Great Pacific Northwest. Early on, Dave noticed he had a gift for listening authentically to clients' needs and leveraging his professional network to gain new insights and help solve their challenges. As Dave continued his retail banking, risk management, and business career, he learned to lean into his unique ability to connect, building a vast professional network of peers, mentors, and friends. Through this network and the business and life experiences it has provided him, Dave discovered his second passion, business coaching.

As Dave's career progressed, his passions led to a dream, which became a reality in 2015 when he founded Cantillon. His sole mission is to support owner-operated companies through education, high quality peer connections, access to business-building resources and coaching that strengthens a business owners ability to achieve their highest personal and professional potential.

Dave knows to become successful and fulfilled, you will need the help of others. The mission of Cantillon is part of his core belief that the currency of powerful networking is generosity and if your life and business don't challenge you, they can't change you! One of his recent Cantillon members summarized it nicely: "Dave is uniquely gifted in the marketplace. Not everyone knows how to effectively transfer their attributes to others in a way that benefits them. I think Dave has reached the pinnacle in his ability to do this consistently, successfully, and with results."

Outside of the business world, Dave loves to remain active within the Greater Seattle community, having volunteered with many impactful organizations including; Junior Achievement of WA, Seattle University, Lead the Difference, Washington Women in Need, Seattle Children's Hospital, The University of Washington, Bellevue Brain Trust, The Hot100 Business Association and Step It Up. 

Above all else, Dave enjoys the rich personal success of the family life he fosters with his wife, Jenny, as proud parents of four boys. An avid motorcyclist with thousands of miles on two wheels, Dave also treasures sports, reading, and bird watching. His secret sauce is simple: "Wake up each morning and go to bed every evening reflecting upon the people in my life. Trust me ~ there is no other way to live and work."    

When Dave isn't flying the Cantillon flag, he's a Vice President for Banner Bank in Bellevue, Washington, a position he finds challenging and rewarding, complementing the needs of successful business owners in the great PNW. 

“Most professionals approach business from a process, procedural or organizational perspective. Dave taps his ability to insightfully see the gifts in others, clearly communicate a message or goal, and move individuals or groups in the direction of success.”  

- Rick Robertson

Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist,

Axia Home Loans