Jon Bye

Jon Bye & Associates

John L. Scott Real Estate

“I have been working with Dave for a year and have enjoyed the Cantillon Coaching experience. Working together with Dave and other professionals from different industries has helped me work through challenges and ideas from a new perspective. I am grateful to be a part of the group and excited for future opportunities.”

Evans Duren

Founder & CEO

CARE 2 Succeed, LLC.

In a world of imitators, you rarely find someone who standouts in the crowd. Dave is undeniably one of the most authentic individuals I have met in fifteen years within the business community. He understands what it means to build genuine relationships while simultaneously driving individuals and organizations to achieve higher results. Don't believe me? He flew 3,000 miles across the country to work with me to run a men's retreat without ever having met me in person. That's the kind of person Dave is; he's all in.

Samantha Kunkel


Armadillo Painting, LLC.

I have been part of the Cantillon Mastermind for 3+ years. As I look back at the last 3 years I have seen amazing growth in my business, my leadership skills, and have seen my network expand greatly. I am a firm believer that who you choose to surround yourself with matters.  The relationships I have built and the connections I have made as a result of my membership in the Cantillon Mastermind have been invaluable. Pretty powerful to have a room full of other successful business owners who are of the mindset to continually push to be better, grow, and take their business to the next level! Cantillon Mastermind has been a key part of my growth as a business owner and leader in my company, and I would recommend Cantillon’s unique Mastermind to any business owner looking to take their business to the next level.

Arti O’Brien


Advanced Government Serrias, LLC.

“People say change is hard. It is, but it is much more achievable when you have a coach and mentor like Dave Carroll by your side through the process and is always supporting and guiding you. I have been part of the Cantillon team for almost 3 years and what I have learned from his leadership and the team is one of the key ingredients to the success of my business. Dave always works tirelessly in making sure you are always successful in whatever you are dealing with at any given time. Dave has been a key ingredient to my journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur. I cannot thank him enough for everything he has done for me” 

Jeff Rogers


One Accord

“Dave is always intentional in his desire to serve and add value to others. There are no facades. His approach is natural and that’s why it’s genuine and sustainable. It’s also transactional which means there is a value outcome, every time. To me, that’s what’s most impressive and consistent about Dave.”  

Amanda Mayo



What Dave has created with Cantillon is nothing short of impressive. From his dynamic mastermind group to network and resources, Dave can help you take your business from 0 to 60 in short order. The connections I’ve made, the tools and resources I’ve gained have truly accelerated my business. Dave, thank you for all you do and it’s an honor to be in your sphere of influence. 

Melanie Gitaadji


The French Bakery

“I’ve never known anyone who garners so much respect—from everyone. Dave is a business pro. He intuitively knows what leaders and businesses need, and exactly how to help. 

Kripa Upadhyay

Immigration Attorney & Managing Partner

Orbit Law, PLLC

“Dave offers professionals a valuable mix of a trained global business perspective and the relationships and connections necessary for a business to succeed. We know without a doubt that he’s personally invested in our success.”

Tod Fiscus

Principal & Business Broker

Transition360 M&A

“I’d recommend Dave’s coaching and strategic business development assistance to any professional ready to take their business to the next level.”

Laura Leist
Productivity Specialist, Speaker, Author and Founder

Eliminate Chaos

“Dave is the kind of person and professional who does what he says he’s going to do—and he is great at follow up, which is rare these days. Dave “gets it” and it sets him apart. As a result of this level of trust and professional accountability, Dave is the first person that comes to mind when I need advice or resources.”

Kelly Sparks

Founder & CEO

VMG Studios

“Dave has an innate understanding of what it takes for a business to succeed. He can immediately assess the pulse of a company and then generate actionable steps and ideas for taking it to a new place of profitability.” 

Josh Dirks

Co-Founder & CEO

Project Bionic

“Whether Dave is leading a group of entrepreneurs just starting out or well-established executives ready to take their organization to the next level, Dave knows how to establish a common goal alignment that gets everyone excited, motivated and ready to go. He’s also adept at customizing solutions on the spot.”

Michael Kalian

Managing Director

The Seattle Home Show

“Dave is the kind of person I can always count on—professionally and personally—and that’s really important to me. He’s got a great personality and really knows how to relate to and connect people. There is nothing that’s not genuine about Dave. He’s the real deal.” 

Tim Hoefel

Senior Vice President

Umpqua Bank

“I hold Dave in the highest regard. He is one of the most authentic, genuine and energetic people I know—professionally and personally as I have witnessed firsthand his successful approach with others. He’s motivational, confident and business-savvy. I’ve seen him present to a room full of CEOs and in one-on-one sessions with business leaders. When he talks, people stop and listen. Then, they get excited and motivated and go create positive change. That’s the magic Dave inspires. It’s a rare combination and he has it.”   

Melody Biringer


The CRAVE Company and Women in Tech Regatta

“When Dave says he’ll do something, he does it. Bottom line … you want to work with Dave.”  

Jen Mueller


Talk Sporty To Me

When it comes to making genuine connections, few are better than David. He understands how to build relationships that get the most out of people. His leadership skills are evident in the way he can rally a team, and produce results. Always on the look out for new ways to foster teamwork, David is an innovative thinker with a heart for people.  

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