Our Foundation 

Pursuit of Growth

  • Take committed action NOW with learning opportunities to maximize your business results and crush your personal goals.

  • The more you help another, the more you grow. 

People Development

  • Inspire positive change to ELEVATE your inherent dynamic strengths in addition to those around you.

  • There are 'many' counting on you and your success...why would you go it alone?!!

Engaged Authenticity

  • Focus on promoting your self expression of leadership and creatively develop your entrepreneurial MINDSET.

  • We collaborate to help you 'innovate' and then we celebrate!

Depth of Connection

  • Build a qualified and respected community of trust that brings out the BEST engagement and productivity in you.

  • Surviving today's complex economy will require a masterful group effort.

"Alone Isn't Where It's At."

- Let The Truth Be Gold

The Masterminds

were created to help you tackle all of these things and more in real time. We meet monthly as a group and dive deep into the heart of your unique business challenges. This is an extraordinary support network of business owners from diverse industries who have joined forces in an intimate and productive setting. You get solutions and ideas from outside your trade, allowing you to cross boundaries for opportunities and solve challenges that single-minded competitors couldn't imagine. 

We naturally develop and cultivate an environment of high trust among the members on a firm foundation of






These five tenets lay the groundwork necessary to achieve our ultimate goal of helping each other triumph together.

Local Masterminds



Successful business owners with 5+ employees


12 Months


10 members only


1 x monthly GROUP @ 3.5 hrs

1 x monthly INDIVIDUAL check-in 

UNLIMITED email support


Virtual Masterminds



Successful business owners with 5+ employees


6 Months


6 members only


1 x monthly GROUP Zoom @ 2 hrs

UNLIMITED email support


"The Cantillon Mastermind experience has provided me an outstanding community of leaders and a solid support system for my company."  

- Tod Fiscus, Principal, Transition360 M&A

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