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Theorized in 1755. Founded in 2015. 

Richard Cantillon is credited with the discovery of economic theory and was the first to fully consider the critical role of entrepreneurship in the economy. Cantillon described entrepreneurship as pervasive, and he casted the entrepreneur with a pivotal role in the economy.

Are you a business owner prioritizing today's needs over tomorrow's success? Are you constrained and stressed with the daily challenges of operating? Do you feel like you're jeopardizing your future success and happiness by doing it all yourself because you're too busy working in your business instead of on your business?

At Cantillon we feel you because we have all been there. That sense of frustration and exhaustion—being stuck in your business and at your wit's end from trying to improve. Here's the good news; your wit's end doesn't have to be a dead-end! Your business can evolve, but not on its own. 

Our Cantillon Events you will help you discover how to optimize your business by collaborating with uniquely engaged business peers and thought leaders. Our Cantillon Mastermind ups the ante, taking a personal approach to your enrichment with the additional leverage of a personal board of directors and a coach.


This collective community can supercharge your business with the connectivity it requires, thus getting it ‘going and growing’ in the right direction, the right way.


Most importantly, Cantillon will challenge you to reach your full potential through authentic leadership and connections that stimulate growth, allowing you to maximize the benefits of business ownership. 


Discover and develop new business insights by learning from the successes, stressors, and struggles of other leaders.  


Success is not a goal; it is a system to improve, an endless process to refine.


Discover and develop new business insights by learning from the successes, stressors, and struggles of other leaders.

"Cantillon has opened my eyes to thinking differently about how we view our business. It fosters our innovation, while introducing us to a network of exceptional professionals I would have never otherwise encountered. The experience of Cantillon has created truly unique new opportunities to build relationships, community and to grow our business." 

—Matthew Swank, Business Development Director, AGP Wealth Advisors 

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Feeling stuck with your busines?

Your Mastermind is an established support network of business owners from diverse industries who have joined forces in an intimate and productive setting to help each other succeed together.

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Who are you connecting with?

Invitation-only events for successful CEOs, entrepreneurs, executives, and experts in their fields. We’re influencing fully intentional business leaders in Seattle and beyond.

“Everybody has a voice…
if we could only listen more
and ask deeper questions.”

"Over the course of my career as well as my life, I’ve learned the focus is never on the product or service, because it always starts and ends with people."


Cultural Compass

A highly developed values system becomes your compass. It serves not only as a guide to point you in the right direction when you are lost but as a magnet, intrinsically pulling you towards success and your full potential. Below are Cantillon’s values shared inside of our cultural compass.  

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