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Cantillon Events facilitate brilliant connections for you by collaborating with uniquely engaged business peers, informed thought leaders and experts in their field. Embrace our diverse environment where constant learning is required and valued. Cantillon Masterminds are focused on taking good to great. We promote a direct approach to your business challenges and your leadership development, simultaneously offering you the infinite leverage of a 'personal board of directors' with an experienced coach. 

Collectively, our entrepreneurial community can supercharge both you and your business with the connectivity it requires to evolve and grow in 2022 and beyond. Are you interested in joining Cantillon? Contact us now and see if there's a mutual fit.

  “Who you surround yourself with matters. 
                           - Leo Bottary


Culture Compass

A highly developed values system becomes your compass. It serves not only as a guide, pushing you in the right direction when you are lost but also as a magnet, intrinsically pulling you towards your full potential. Cantillon is committed to these core values shared inside of our Culture Compass below.  

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By 2025, we'll provide personal development, peer connections, and business resources for 1500 entrepreneurs because we believe every organization deserves to be led by an engaged high-performing leader.

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Our Masterminds are established support networks of business owners from diverse industries who've joined forces in a productive setting to help each other find success and grow together. Strength in numbers!

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Invitation-only events for successful CEOs, entrepreneurs, executives, and experts in their field. We’re influencing intentional business leaders in the Seattle area and Pacific Northwest with authentic thought provoking dialogue.

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"Cantillon has opened my eyes to thinking differently about how we view our business. It fosters our innovation, while introducing us to a network of exceptional professionals I would have never otherwise encountered. The experience of Cantillon has created truly unique new opportunities to build relationships, community and to grow our business." 

Matthew Swank, Managing Partner, AGP Wealth Advisors 


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